Safe and secure

It is deployed based on a three-level wallet service from its conception. We run a Hot, Warm and Cold wallet stage storage, to ensure the funds and by doing so, we also ensure the current flow of funds. It is integrated with a random 2FA card to avoid non-permited access.


Fast and Reliable

Fully written from screatch by our dev team. We don’t rely on any third-party software or technology or any refactoring process. With more than 2 years of development it is fully integrated with the company services, offering a user-friendly interface combined with fast and real time transactions.


Low Fees

We charge up to 0.2% proportionally to the amount of the executed order. We also have a zero-fee for our token market, SCAVO Token.



We provide full support for our customers thoughout our email and social networks. We will help you on any situation you might have.

Getting started

We provide professional and secure trading services for investors